Everyday at weekends and during school holidays we do egg collection and take anyone who wants to come to visit the animals. During egg collection we feed the chickens and try and feed the alpacas – although they can be a little shy. We also often feed the pigs and the sheep. As the name suggests we also collect the eggs. Lastly, we sometimes finished with Kainaat, the sheep dog, doing some sheep work training. If there is time and we have them available we also hold chicks, because quite frankly there is nothing better than holding a chick – it makes everything better. Egg collection happens at 6pm – we meet at the entrance to the smallholding by the water point. If you have spare vegetables or salad you can bring these along to feed to the chickens. The smallholding is a small working farm with electric fencing, animals and other potential hazards so young children should be accompanied by a responsible person – Claire is obviously not a responsible person.