What time do we have to arrive?

We really don’t mind. If it is during school holidays we ask people not to arrive until after 12 noon to allow the previous campers time to pack up and leave. However you are welcome to turn up earlier, leave your car and/or caravan by the entrance and go for a walk, visit the beach or the village play area.

If you are staying in the Bell Tent or Cute Caravan we ask that you come after 4pm to give us time to prepare them both.

If it is outside school holidays/weekends then we are much more flexible – give us a call or email as it might be possible that you can arrive earlier.

If you are going to arrive after 8pm, please let us know. If it is much after 9pm we might be in bed (we have to get up very early in the mornings). However you can check the site map of the campsite in the back porch (open 24/7) to find out where your pitch is and go and pitch up. You can then come and say hello in the morning.


What time do we have to leave our pitch on our departure day?

Again during school holidays we ask people to leave by 12 noon so the next campers have time to set up and enjoy the day. Outside of school holidays, especially if no-one else is coming onto the pitch you can stay for as long as you like and enjoy the day. Check with us to see if this is an option – generally it is.


Can we have a fire?

Of course you can. Please have all campfires in a fire pit that is raised off the ground so the grass doesn’t get scorched. You can bring your own or hire one from us.


What do you sell?

We sell home-reared free range sausages, bacon and eggs (hen and duck eggs); home-made jams, jellies and chutneys; firewood and firestarters; we also sell fruit and vegetables when we have a surplus. The sausages and bacon are frozen so allow some time for them to defrost. If you want eggs or jams just help yourself from the back of the house or the stall in the front drive and put the money in the honesty pot. Please ask us for wood and sausages/bacon.


Do you have opening times?

We sort of have opening times in a vague and rather flexible manner. We are open in the morning between 8:30-9:30am and are generally around the campsite in the afternoons working, if you need something. We are also officially open between 5-8pm. If you want firewood or sausages/bacon please ask us between these times. After 8pm we tend to eat our dinner and catch up with each other.


Help, my dog got off its lead and bit/ate one of your chickens/animals!

If this happens please let us know as soon as possible. We do understand that accidents happen, but we don’t want our animals to suffer. A chicken that has been bitten by a dog might take days to die. Probably best to keep dogs on a secure lead while on the campsite. Definitely don’t let them near the alpacas as these are guard animals and will kick an unknown dog if it comes in the field. Don’t let them near the sheep either – yes Kainaat is very good with the sheep but he is a very well trained dog who grew up with these animals.


But my dog is really friendly with chickens, people, alpacas, is very well trained or old, do I still have to have them on a lead?

Yes. If people see your dog off a lead, they might let their not so friendly or well behaved dog off the lead and that would upset Claire as she is very scared of dogs.


But your dog isn’t on a lead

No he isn’t, but when we go to farms or other people’s campsites he is. He is also fantastically well trained (although naughty at times) and can carry an egg without breaking it, bark on command, work sheep, locate very tiny objects in long grass and do rather good heelwork. It is also our campsite and it is one of the perks of owning it – the down side is we have to clean the toilets!


Do you have internet access?

Yes – and it is free. It is not brilliant and it does depend on how many people are using it, but just ask us for the password.


Will you look after our kids for us?



Do you actually have any rules here?

Not really – apart from keeping dogs on a secure lead (this is a safety thing for our animals and other people staying on the campsite). We kind of trust people to be kind and considerate of their fellow campers and of us.


Someone near us is making a lot of noise and it is after 10pm.

OK, that’s not very nice. If this is happening, please feel free to come and let us know. Even if it is late and we are asleep, please let us know as we don’t want your stay here to be ruined by inconsiderate people. We will get up and try to sort it out. We often can’t hear noisy people so it is up to you to let us know. If you don’t want to let us know in the middle of the night (and that is really sweet of you – thank you) please let us know in the morning.


Is this a noisy campsite then?

No, it is generally a very quite place full of lovely considerate, respectful people. However, although we can’t guarantee how people will behave, if there is a problem we will try and resolve it.


The toilets are blocked, what should I do?

Please let us know – we are not on mains drainage. We have a series of cesspits and weepers. If something blocks the system we need to know so we can put it right – this is obviously the best bit about running a campsite.


Your cockerel crows quite early in the morning?

Yes, this is a working smallholding. If you really don’t like it we can chop off his head for you – the axe is always ready and sharp. The cockerel isn’t as noisy as all the wild birds though – they are really noisy but we have trouble catching them.


We bought lots of cheap camping rubbish from the petrol station as it seemed like a good idea at the time – we don’t want it anymore can we dump it in your bins?

We would rather you didn’t please.


Do you have a place to empty chemical toilets?

Yes we do – it is by the green toilet block.


Would you mind if we connect one of your hoses to a water tap and wash our car and caravan?

Err yes – we have very low water pressure so this would mean that other people having a shower wouldn’t have such a nice experience. Plus it is a little wasteful of water and we have a water meter.


We have arrived and you are not here!

We sometimes go out. If you arrive and there is no one about, please go to the back porch and check the site map for your name. You can then go and pitch up on your designated pitch. If you haven’t booked with us, then please take any empty pitch but be aware that the empty pitches are only definitely free for the day/night that you arrive someone might be coming the following day. Usually if we go out we leave a note saying when we expect to be back.


We want to come by bicycle or walk to your campsite.

Fabulous – we offer a discounted rate for people who don’t use cars/motorbikes to come to the site. We also always have space for people who are on foot or bicycles for at least one night.


We would like to leave a review. Where & how can we do this?

We only pay to list with www.ukcampsite.co.uk and we find it a fair and balanced web site where you can trust the reviews as well as the details. So we encourage you to leave a (hopefully positive) review at:



What is your cancellation policy?

We are a small family site (my wife and I only) where we have been learning from lessons learnt over the past few years. We tend not to have a long list of rules and regulations since they tend to just talk down to people and thus we prefer an environment of consideration and respect.

We have been let down many a time by people and groups that decide at the last minute not to come due to less than ideal forecasts, etc and reluctantly decided a few things. One is to require full pre-payment and the other is to generally require roughly two weeks notice for any cancellation for whatever reason. We would rather not have to bring into question anyone’s particular situation but it is easier to just have a blanket policy. Since it can take time to fill a booking at the last minute and given enough notice it may be possible to fill a gap but it is a matter of luck to be honest and every booking helps pay the bills especially since we are a small business. We also generally have a £15 admin fee for any cancellation for over two weeks.