Array of photovoltaic panels for solar energy electricity generation
Array of photovoltaic panels for solar energy electricity generation

We manage the campsite and smallholding in accordance with the principles of sustainability and respect for the land. The land is managed organically so we don’t use pesticides or chemical fertiliser. We have a solar photovoltaic array that provides electricity during day-light hours. At night we have to buy electricity from the grid, but we buy it from a company that only provides electricity from renewable sources. Our toilet paper and cleaning materials are recycled and eco-friendly.

We encourage everyone to recycle as much as they can. There are recycling bins for glass and for plastic, tin and cardboard by the bins located at the entrance to the campsite. Please recycle what you can. Feel free to put rubbish in our other bins but please take large items such as broken tents, chairs, carpets, sofas and tables home with you (or take them to the tip) – don’t leave them next to the bins, we don’t want them and our lovely binnies won’t take them unless they are in the bins!

Water is also a precious resource so please help us to conserve it. As you can see we collect and reuse rain water for the animals and smallholding.

We are situated in a lovely rural spot, but it does mean we don’t have the same facilities that are available in more populated areas. In particular we are not on mains drainage so please don’t put anything down the toilet that isn’t toilet paper or you haven’t previously eaten! There are bins provided for everything else.

We also only have 2-phase electricity so please don’t plug in domestic kettles as they will blow the connection.