We are Claire and James. The campsite has been in Claire’s family for more than 45 years. We took it over in 2009 when Claire’s dad died. We have spent the past 6 years bringing the campsite back to life, renovating the house and developing the small holding – we reckon this is a 20 year project! We have mad schemes and grand plans for the smallholding which may or may not come off, but we are giving it a go. We juggle running the campsite and smallholding with day jobs. James works a few mornings a week at a local shop and Claire is a lecturer at a university. When she is not teaching she is meant to be writing books – usually she juggles this quite well with egg collection and looking after the sheep, the bees and the vegetable garden.

We also have a motley selection of cats (currently seven) – some of them contribute through their pest control activities, most of them don’t.

And then there is Kainaat, our working sheep dog. Kainaat is 3 years old and his name means universe in Arabic. He is very much a part of the campsite and loves to play with children. He is also learning how to work sheep and sometimes gives impromptu demonstrations. In addition to this he and Claire regularly compete in working dog trials – Kainaat is doing pretty well. You will probably see him training Claire around the site!

Keep up to date with our adventures and mad schemes at our blog and get your regular fix of super cute animals at our Instagram account @smallholdingdreams